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«Living with love !!!»

In sweet
memory of E.D. Kashintseva.

Most of us are probably feel tired of terrorism, catastrophes, murders and violence which are swooped on us by TV, newspapers and radio.
It seems that no good things are happening on our earth and all sacred and kind things are becoming fewer and fewer. But fortunately it is not so! The photoes exhibited here prove the opposite. There is a place in this world for kindness, beauty and the Lord’s Love. And there is more of it in our life than evil. One should care and think about the good, throwing away all negative things.

Vitaly Kashintsev is a new name in photography. His life credo which he inherited from his mother is “to give his love to people and create the Good.” By profession he is a construction engineer, but he took up photography very seriously. He strongly considers that through his photoes he can give his love to people and create the Good quite successfully.
Looking at his photoes you are convinced that the Lord’s Love is everywhere around us.

And it doesn’t really matter where it lives: in nature people’s faces, architecture or landscapes. The thing is to see the harmony, to understand that instants of love live in common things which surrounds us, and to which we very often do not pay any attention.
The ability to see those instants and press the camera’s button and then to show the Lord’s Love in all it’s beauty is the main task of the Master and You, dear visitors, should judge his Mastery.

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With Love to life. Vitaly Kashintsev.
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