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As a photographer I would very much appreciate your opinion, as it gives me the possibility to understand my photos as seen by you, besides it will help me to understand what is good and what is not, and what is the most important and actual for an attentive visitor.
Your opinions are a strong impulse for me which will lead me to new ideas and compositions in my new works which I hope will bring happy feelings to your souls.

Thank you in advance,
Yours Vitaly Kashintsev

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7.11.2014Coolskr  - (

I loved your blog.Thanks Again. Really Great.
18.06.2011fnnikkijamesa7  - (

Top class website yours faithfully Patrica Gruiger
8.02.2011jenDarePano  - (

Your really have very cool site!
Can i subscribe to your RSS if your have?!?!?!
Please mail me about it...
15.11.2010imalsittirm  - (

this is sooo cool.
22.01.2010resellerhosting  - (

I have visited your website so many times but only just noticed you have a guestbook!
14.03.2005Ana Ramos Martín  - (

Dear Vitaly, thank you very much for fulfilling my soul with the beauty, love and nice feelings from your pictures. One can feel the sensibility of their author.
23.06.2004Philip (France) 

Dear Vitaliy, Every photos which I have just seen on your website is a second birth for me. They a* ? all absolute head of work, for me, which brings us to only one entity : the Love of the Other. These pictures seem to leave your Spirit, which I know it, is full of Kindness. I would like Everybody in the World can see theses photos. They are the Source of Peace between Men. Still once, Vitaliy, THANK YOU and BRAVO. May God bless you. With Affection. Philip.
23.06.2004Philip  - (

Dear Vitaliy,
The more I see your pictures, the more I love them. I have told a lot of french people, loving photography, to visit your site. I have a question to ask you. Can we always visit the Gallery in Moscow ? Is it permanent ? Thank you for your answer.
21.07.2003The translation of Russian Visitor Comments

Kirill – 16 years old, 10th grade schoolboy. 

At your exhibition of photographs I saw the harmony of man and nature, our life and many other things that people sometimes fail to observe. I am very grateful to you for this exhibition: while looking at the photoes one forgets what is going on in this world. The visitors feels like being good friends although they are so different. Y have been particularly impressed by your photoes of nature as if it was prepared to pose to be taken picture of. Flowers, towns, people – they all in unity and this is life! Your works testify to a very special approach to a human soul.
There are bright and dark sides in our life. You have tried to present it.
16.07.2003The translation of Russian Visitor Comments

Andrei Baskakov, Soft – ware programmer 

You are so dear to my heart. My great appreciation to your mother for what you are! It is to her credit which is difficult to overestimate. Thank you for your exhibition, for your warm feelings and kindness to people! I am flabbergasted, words fail me! I am really happy for you! Wish you every success in the future. I beleive in you!
With affection, Andrei Baskakov.
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With Love to life. Vitaly Kashintsev.
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