About the photographer

Vitaly Kashintsev
The picture by A. Glazunov
(in Belyevo gallery)
Vitaly Kashintsev was born on 30 March, 1959 in Moscow in the family where everybody was fond of photography and cinema. Taking after his grandfather Dmitri Kashintsev and his Mother Vitaly began to take pictures and make films at the age of 11.

He finished school, then Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering and got the profession of a builder, but photography and cinema have always been his hobby. By the time he was 35 he had made his choice in favour of photography and since then if has been his favorite hobby. His pictures are devoted to people, architecture, nature, friends and the history of Russia England, Scotland, Finland and other countries which he has visited and where he has seen something unusual in common things. His pictures are kind, one can see the mood, and the love to life and world around us.

V.Kashintsev always shares with his friend and colleagues everything he has seen, he gives them his photoes as presents and organizes exhibitions.
He is an envoy of Love and Happiness.

My special thanks to remarkable and talented people for their skill and help in creating this site:
Cameraman Alexander Glazunov – for the creation of highly professional digital versions of my works.
Webstudio designer Vitaly Alifirenko - for the wonderful realization of the idea to open a photogallery in Beljaevo.
Webstudio designer Svetlana Potapkina - for the understanding and implementation of the idea of the whole site.
Webstudio designer Maxim Belov - for the brilliant realization of the idea of the flashclip which opens the site.
Webstudio managers – Dmitry Lavrov and Alexander Tsarev for the good organization and friendly atmosphere while working at the site.
Tatiana Gabysheva, Natasha Black – for helping with the translation.
My old friend Valery Gurov for the legal help in creating the site.
With Love to life. Vitaly Kashintsev.
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