Living with Love

Dear guests!

Thank you for your attention to my site and I hope you won’t regret the time spent on it, and each of you will find something interesting and kind for your soul and probably feel that Love – Creator’s Love - lives every where if only you look closely around you.

Deep and sincere wish to share my feelings with you as seen through the camera led me to the creation of this site. You are invited to enjoy the exhibition (free of charge).
Among my works you will not find staged and artificial pictures because it is not my way to see the world.

Everything you see here are the moments of Creator’s Love fixed by the shutter forever. Love that lives on people’s faces, Love to nature, architecture, to many other things in the surrounding world inspite of violence and cruelty which try to conquer people’s souls.

This is the reason why I’ve made up my mind to open this site - that is to oppose love and kindness of the Creator to the enhancing negative we witness to-day.

You are to judge whether I’ve succeeded.

Welcome to my site!

Sincerely yours,
Vitaly Kashintsev

With Love to life. Vitaly Kashintsev.
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